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Create your own empire, attacking with the help of puzzles

Lately, puzzle games are taking a lot of booms, as some game developers are choosing to merge two different types, which is something that makes it very different and eye-catching to play.

I would never have imagined that something as simple as searching for pairs of a puzzle could help you in the battle against enemies and that, in return, you would get several rewards. Rewards that will help strengthen your characters receive new items to improve your character and obtain skills for your heroes.

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At the beginning of the game, and as it is a very simple game, it tells you a brief story with static images of how you should play, and it guides you in this process giving you some free rewards because it is your first time playing. The graphics are very good; I liked that they have put some rewards inside the puzzle to make it more interactive, including the design of the evil characters that are put in front and their lackeys have good details.

As you progress, you will complete quests and can level up to recover some valuable and powerful elemental stones because if these stones fall into the wrong hands, they threaten our planet.

Undoubtedly here we can see that you do not need a game of great size and complexity, which usually have a lot of difficulty in the tasks of completing missions. But something as simple as this game can also have the same quality as others, and I think this mode will be a big step forward in terms of the popularity of puzzle games.

The Bad:

One thing against me is that it will only work with the internet, as I find it very attractive and entertaining to play it even without it. But let's hope that with the latest updates, they will allow us to play that way.

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