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EditPlus is a classic source code editor, with support for a multitude programming languages.

To write code for any programming language, we only need a text editor, for example it would be enough to makes use of Windows Notepad. But this way of writing code would not be the most efficient, because there are many aids that facilitate the work of programmers.

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EditPlus is one of the text editors for developers that has been on the market for a long time. The first version was launched on the year 1998. Since then, this text editor has managed to evolve and offer the necessary tools to developers, to allow them to do their daily job.

The program supports syntax highlighting (mark code with different colors for better readability) of multiple programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Java, Ruby, Python, CSS, C#, Perl, C/C++ and more. We can configure the colors used to highlight the different parts of the code. For example, we will be able to choose the color that will have the variables in PHP, or the color used to mark PHP core functions .

The program includes autoindent, that will position the cursor automatically in the corresponding column when we press Enter.
Another function that facilitates the code writing is the autocomplete, which shows suggestions on the text we are writing, by allowing us to choose one of the suggestions, in such a way that we don't have to type the whole word.
These two functionalities accelerate the process of creating code and are available for all supported programming languages.

If we're writing code that includes plain text, it is very useful to make use of the function spell checker, so we can check automatically the spelling. The program supports multiple language dictionaries.

If we are creating HTML code, there is the possibility to insert the HTML code (links, paragraphs, lists ordered/unordered, etc.) using the buttons located on the upper task bar.
If we want to accelerate even more the creation of HTML code, we cane make use of the Zen Code or Emmett syntax, that allow us to create blocks of HTML code by making use of a syntax similar to CSS, such a way that writing only one line of code we will be creating tens of HTML code lines. To activate any of these two options we need to select the option ZC located in the top menu of the program.
We can also preview HTML code making use of the internal browser of the program.

The internal browser can also be used to search information quickly on the Internet. If we press the keys Shift+F8, it will open the browser with the search engine Google loaded, so so there is no need to exit the editor to search for the information that we are looking for.

The internal search engine of the program is very powerful and allows us to perform the most common actions such as: search, replace, search making use of regular expressions, search as we type, etc. Other features that are very useful is the one that allows us to find text in multiple files located in a folder. Without a doubt this is very useful if we want to quickly find a line of code and we don't know where that line is located. This is typical when we start to work on a project that is already started.

Edit the code of collaborative projects is very simple, since the program allows the integration with SVN and Git. To make use of this function, we must have installed TortoiseSVN or TortoiseGit. Once we have the relevant Tortoise program installed, we can makecommit, push, pull, etc., directly using the interface of EditPlus.

If we need to upload by FTP the files that we are editing, we can configure the Internal FTP manager to automate the task of uploading files to remote FTP.

By default we will be able to open any type of file from any location on our computer, however if we want to have a best organization we will be able to create projects, where we will add the directories and files that make up the project, in such a way that every time we open the project, all those directories and files will be available.

These are just some of the features that this veteran text editor have. We invite you to try it out and check all of the features available in the program.
The software is paid and the version that we offer here is a 30-day trial version.

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