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eBoostr is an application that optimizes the upload time in our operating system.

eBoostr increases our system’s speed using any extractable system available (pen drive, SD cards, etc). If it happened more than once that your computer slowed down by using a lot of memory when executing certain application, eBoostr will interfere before it happens to avoid collapse.

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As a reference you will realize that there are times when a blue screen with an error code appears and your equipment is paralyzed with no explanation: - big trouble if you are working in something important. The worst part is when you restart the computer; the problem will not be solved efficiently.

To stop this “slow”, “instability” and “low efficiency” troubles eBoostr will optimize, after a few minutes of research, all problems that can be found on the computers. If you have bought a computer recently and all these things happen, you may be thinking that it was poorly configured. But there is no reason for that, so that’s why is recommended to run eBoostr to avoid collapse.

This program is easy to configure, it is possible to include it in an USB memory, an alternative hard disk or any other storage method in order to obtain an additional support.

by Augusto Baldi

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