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easyMule is a files interchange tool by using P2P.

This is a program that can make you exchange your audio, video, parches and other programs on the net. With easyMule it will be possible to download different files, with a great choice possibility in your search.

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In this opportunity, you will no longer have problems with configuration, since user’s options are reduced, so it is much more easily to execute, thanks to its simple and easy format, almost automatic. Maybe downloads are slow, since fastness is not easyMule main feature, but it will give you time to execute other jobs or activities while the program is being executed.

One of the most important features in easyMule, is that with this tool it will be possible to search and download them simultaneously without any problem, besides, program developers have thought about user’s hard disk and included a function called Disk Buffering that will minimize the quantity of entrances in you computer protecting it from excessive use.

by Augusto Baldi

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