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Dude, where is my file?

Nobody wants to be that guy. But, things just happen, you know? You deleted that folder knowing for sure you had a backup, but, before you are ready to rationalize what is going on, something inside you just knows it. You have deleted the only copy of that file, the one you have been busting your bottom for, and it is nowhere to be found. And now what? You don't have the time to put all of that work together again nor you have any way of extending your deadlines. Are you done for? Is that the end of the line for you? Well, we can sing it all at once when we say: NO.

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Because there is still a chance for you. It won't be pretty, not at all, but… Actually, it will be pretty, and it will also be very easy and fast. With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, you will be in position to restore accidentally deleted files as well as data from damaged or formatted hard drives. In other words, your life will be saved as you will retrieve your precious data whether it was lost by deletion, formatting or hard drive crash.    

Your own personal Hero

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, you will have the best data recovery software out there to easily and quickly recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from your PC, laptop, or removable devices. Also, taking into account the user experience, this tool stands as one of the best of any recovery utility in general reviews.

This file recovery software produces an unequal lineup of data utilities that is both powerful enough to meet the requirements of IT professionals and easy enough to be used by everyone else. It will be always around, so it might go to the rescue at any time that you need it to!

The lineup

Choosing this tool, you will count with quite a few features here that you won't find with low-end data recovery services:

  • Superior Files Recovery Software: Recovers all types of files including documents, photo, video, audio, emails and more;
  • Preview before recovery: It allows you to search results clearly and preview all recoverable files to facilitate better recovery effects;
  • Safe and hassle-free: Recovers files 100% safely from various data loss scenarios without overwriting the original data;
  • Easily Restore Data from All Storage Devices: Undeletes files from the hard drive, memory card, USB, digital camera, mobile devices and other storage media;
  • Customer Support: It offers an excellent service that makes it the best overall data recovery tool when it comes to support. You will have a thorough knowledge base that includes a downloadable user manual, searchable support articles, video tutorials, and (the biggest thumbs up) the live chat support. 

Making magic: 3 clicks away

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, you will not have to be a magician nor an IT pro to make things happen here, as you will only need 3 clicks to unlock the full recovery power:

  • First Step - selecting a location to start: Find the location where your data was lost and start searching;
  • Second Step – scanning your devices: Scan to retrieve your lost data. As a plus, you can pause your recovery progress temporarily and resume later in case that you need to;
  • Third Step - previewing and recovering lost files: Finally, you just filter what you want to recover from the scanning results, previewing specific recoverable files before recovery so you can recover everything you actually need.

Between heroes and missing files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional is not perfect, but, nothing is. The overall experience will leave you impressed after spending some time playing with it, and you will end up realizing that, in the end, it will return all the files that you were looking for. Plus, the ability to recover data from HDDs, SSDs, RAID storage, servers and even optical drives makes it a very flexible tool.

That being said, it can be stated that it is, for sure, a thorough piece of data recovery software that will even impress IT professionals looking to sharpen their edge, leaving no room to question that the data recovery lineup will make it an invaluable addition to your toolkit.

You know that anyone makes mistakes, so, having a hero close by will always come in handy, you never know when everything will go south with just one click.

by Rubén Hernández

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