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EarMaster is a musical tool that will, for sure, help beginners and professional musicians, everything depends on the user’s will to learn and improve his music style.

An application that truly has everything, and differently from the application specialized in only one musical instrument, EarMaster has a great number of instruments to be learned, since it is dedicated to the guitar, piano, drums, bass, flute, organ and much more.

The method that supports EarMaster learning system is dedicated to the correct managing of the music pentagram, in which the user can put the melodies and notes that wishes to his musical composition, so EarMaster suggests some adjustments, showing after words the results of what has been written by the user and what shoul have been done, or, some software’s suggestion.

With day by day training user will be able to note the progresses, getting better and better and every lesson, that are a lot, as in case of Jazz lessons, that we have around 211 and in which EarMaster proposes that the student learns how to interpret each one of the notes and accords given as examples.