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Eagle Mode is an office application to have everything in only one interface and enter the computer programs.

Eagle Mode does not need to have open windows of different applications and programs. Eagle Mode focuses on a single interface or window to all others and transforms the way to get into your computer files.

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In Eagle Mode graphic environment you can see different parts of the computer and applications or software content. You can zoom in continuously, since is the Eagle Mode way of browsing.

You can find a sector with the start menu to enter the programs, another sector web with the favourite browser pages, a third My Documents, plus other parts with other computer sectors. You also can manage these areas as you like and have fun with the games that Eagle Mode brings incorporated.

In Eagle Mode with the mouse wheel you can see the different options for working with files. You can create folders and files from this application and manage your entire equipment.

Even not having a modern look and seeming obsolete, Eagle Mode's interface is very useful for browsing file trees and sing in in a clear and secure way to the computer's hard disk.

by Augusto Baldi

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