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Dxtory is a program that allows to capture video of applications that make use of DirectX and OpenGL, mainly video games.

Capture video from video games is something that is very common today. This is due to distribute a video is as simple as uploading it to any video platform like YouTube or Vimeo.
One of the major drawbacks to record gameplays is to find a program that does not consume a lot of system resources, and that therefore it does not interfere with the performance of the video game.

Dxtory allows to capture video and images of video games, or any other application that makes use of OpenGL or DirectX. This program stands out because the low system resources it uses, allowing a smooth gaming experience, in which we will hardly notice that the program is running. The video obtained will have a high Frame Rate (number of recorded images per second), and the quality of the video image will be very high. All that makes this software perfect for video games recordings, even those that require a lot of PC power.

The configuration program may seem a bit complex at first, but if we want to get the most out of this software, we must make use of its advanced features. To achieve this, we must have installed multiple hard drives in the PC, at least 2. The more hard drives, the more performance will have this software.

In “Directory” tab we need to add a directory of each hard disk, so that if we have 3 hard drives in our PC, each one of them must to be added in this configuration screen.
In “Video” tab, in “Output”->“File Format” option, we must to select “RawCap” option. This will capture uncompressed video, and save it to the hard drives that we have selected in the previous step.
Once the capture is completed, we must make use of the tool “RawCapConv”, which is accessible from the first button located in the bottom left of the program. This tool will attach all files that have been saved during the capture, and convert them to AVI format.

When we open a game that makes use of DirectX or OpenGL, we can see in the top left of the screen a green numbers. These numbers indicate the images per second (FPS) that is running the game. When we started the recording of the video, the numbers will change the color to orange, and we also will see the FPS of recorded video. In this way we will know if the program is affecting the video game performance, or if the video is recorded with enough FPS. If we see that video is not recorded with sufficient FPS, we can try to change the program's settings to improve the performance of the recordings.

The first thing we need to do is to add directories where we are going to save videos and screenshots.
To start recording, we must press F12 when we are in the game, and press F12 again to stop recording.
If we want to make a screenshot, press F11 at any time of the game.
These keys can be changed in program's options.

The software is paid, and offers a fully functional Demo that will insert a watermark in captured videos and images.

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