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DVDFab Decrypter can create DVD movies backups and save them on hard disk.

Thanks to modern media storage, which are more durable and has a higher capacity than those of past ages, we can backup our DVD's movies collection. DVDs are likely to deteriorate over the years, so it is convenient to make backups in drives more durable.

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To make DVD data copy and store it on hard disk is easy, simply drag DVD files and folders to a hard disk folder. However, movie DVD are different, it can't be done in the same way, since many of them bring a mechanism that prevents movie files to be copied on hard disk. To make a DVD movie copy to hard disk we must use a special software.

DVDFab Decrypter allows us to copy DVD movies to hard disk, avoiding copy protection included in those movies. This program will copy all the files and directories that are part of the movie to any location on the hard disk.

The usage is very simple, so we just have to insert DVD movie in DVD player and launch the program. The software analyzes the movie at the start, this process can take several seconds. Once it finish, we only need to choose directory where we want to save movie data and click on “Start” button. Depending on movie's length and DVD-player reading speed, the copy process may take between 10 minutes and half an hour.

The program does not compress the movie, or convert it to other formats (avi, mkv, etc.), It simply copy all DVD files (.VOB, .IFO, BUP, etc) to our hard disk. It's like select all the files from the DVD and drag them to a folder on our hard disk, but with this program we will avoid copy protections.

We can select the option “turn off computer automatically”, so PC will shut down as soon as process is finished.

The software is not updated since year 2007, and available version here is There is a more modern version that is called DVDFab HD Decrypter that supports Blu-Ray. If all we want to do is to copy our DVD movies, it is advisable to install DVDFab Decrypter, because even though that is not updated for years, it works perfect and is lighter than HD version. Installer is small, only 2 Megabytes.

The program is free, and we can use it without restriction of any kind.

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