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DriverEasy is a powerful free program that detects the existing or not installed drivers on your computer.

To install an external device, run a program and the video and sound cards, among other components, your equipment must have drivers for proper operation. For example, if you install a printer or web cam you will need two ideal drivers so that these devices can work properly, safely and without damaging the CPU. The controllers are in charge of mediating the process as interfaces between devices that are on the computer or join the computer and operating system.

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DriverEasy has a quick and fast installation and agile search of components once running on the computer.

What DriverEasy does is to detect whether your machine has installed all the drivers it needs to function well. If not available, the application informs you which drivers are missing and give you the possibility to download them from the Internet.

The result of DriverEasy scanning will inform the revised amount of drivers, those that are obsolete and missing, besides of the scanning time that, in general, is less than 30 seconds. With DriverEasy you will be able to know which drivers are missing and what not, and also update those which are old or obsolete.

With DriverEasy you will get with a diagnosis of drivers in seconds in a safe and simple way.

by Augusto Baldi

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