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How to train your pet

Dragon Tail is a direct homage to the famous How to Train Your Dragon movie, as you have a young adventurer whose father, instead of the mother, has disappeared, where some belief, or are presumed, to have died trying to discover an ancient text called the Book of Loyat.

So here your story begins, and you set off searching for answers, but instead, you find an egg in the jungle where you will meet your first pet, who will accompany you throughout this fabulous adventure.

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Explore different places and find creatures out of this world, fight against them to complete the mission that one day the father wanted to achieve; obviously this is not a job that can be done alone. You will need a lot of help, so the game offers you some of the most powerful characters of different classes, such as: "warriors," "rangers," "priests," and "assassins" who love blood and will leave their lives for it on the battlefield.

The Good:

The quality of its graphics is very good. The detail of the characters is unique as well as the characters and animals, and its artistic design is extremely impeccable.

The environment feels so real The environment feels so real that it is as if you were experiencing being there, and the locations, in this case, islands, are very good.

For a role-playing game, it's very well well designed in terms of the narrative of the story, and it doesn't feel, and it doesn't feel forced as to why the situation the character is in.

A large number and variety of exotic animals that you can turn into your faithful friends and companions, some not so friendly, but you will have to teach them the respect they deserve to have a leader.

Remember that each animal you find has its plus, and you must train it to bring out its best version since each one of them can make you victorious in mortal combat.

The Bad:

Remember that this type of graphics that have unparalleled quality requires a large amount of mobile resources with a large capacity so that you can play without inconveniences.

Another point I've noticed is that the gameplay is designed for a vertical screen, and sometimes you can not enjoy well all the panoramic game. Because it is almost always in automatic mode, so sometimes you can not read very well what you get, and that tends to stress a little.

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