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      Dragon tamer, a turn-based strategy, is where dragons are the protagonists. We can also explore the territories and create a great team for the adventure.

      Graphics are an important part of the game. Dragons come in many different designs and can be collected in different ways. Its breeding is the most popular and entertaining part of the game. You can mix different races to create unique dragons. There is no role system in the game, so they will be combined based on their abilities when we combine dragons for combat. It also offers many combat modes, the ability to modify your base of operations and form teams, as well as a wide variety of dragons to be collected. Food and gold are the most important resources. You can get the former through many activities such as adventure mode, arena mode, selling dragons, or exploring areas that have gold-producing dragons. You should constantly be. To find treasures in ruins, dragons can be sent.

      It's possible to add friends, visit their islands, speed up productions, lend dragons, join guilds, and wage wars against other players. This is the most important aspect of the game.

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          How to PLAY Dragon Tamer on PC

          Download Dragon Tamer on PC How to have fun with Dragon Tamer on PC and the way it runs? That's genuine all the concern asked about by lots of visitors...