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Dragon Raja is an MMORPG that takes place in a futuristic fantasy setting in 3D. Here you can modify your avatar to give it a look you want. You can customize your character with a variety of options. These include hairstyles, body colors, eyes, expressions, sizes, and thickness. You can also select your character's gender and fighting style, including Blade Master, Assassin, and Soul Dancer. Each has different abilities.

We will be required to explore several missions in the beginning. These will provide some background information about the game. After the prologue, you can choose to explore other elements or play story missions. Through missions, our character will gain more skills and increase in level. Our talents will allow us to fight and use other skills like cooking. We can also be stars in the kitchen or ride in cars and have fun with music concerts.

You can also use the missions to purchase exclusive materials and skins for your character.

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    How to PLAY Dragon Raja on PC

    How to PLAY Dragon Raja on PC

    Download Dragon Raja on PC How to enjoy Dragon Raja on a laptop or desktop, and how it operates? This is actually the question posed by plenty of individuals who...