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Traverse the unknown in this fantasy world full of mythical heroes and dragons.

As everyone knows, dragons are one of the oldest types of animals dating back to the era of mythology, even some sages, who were the greatest exponents in these worlds, described them as giant snakes with parts of other animals, and some lived with them, even trained them to fight in battles.

Wouldn't you like to live the experience and feel the thrill of training your own dragon?

Don't worry, your prayers have been answered, and now you will be able to do it in this wonderful game Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend since it was created and designed for you to live an experience totally out of this world.

If you are new to the game, do not worry, this offers a guide to get you involved in this world because, like any game offers missions and rewards that will help you discover new territories and offer you a variety of mythological animals that you can catch, have it as a pet or train it to fight with you in battles.

Another aspect we can find is that you can customize your character and/or buy available items from the store, as well as "tools" and "weapons," to strengthen it. If you have difficulty completing a special mission, you can join their community on Facebook, as you can find many similar cases that will help you.

You can also leave the game in automatic mode so that it will complete daily missions and thus get more chances to find very rare items that you can then return and collect.

As this game implements the gatcha system, remember to use all the diamonds you get meticulously. This will help you summon many mythical beasts and the probability that you will receive a more powerful one when you win.

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