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      Dragon City is a social management game that allows you to battle in arenas. Take care of your dragons and help them to grow. You can also design cities on floating islands for them to live, eat, sleep, and entertain themselves. You can cross their races to create legendary or hybrid dragons and train them. Each dragon is unique in its appearance and has its own evolutions.

      The main goal of the game is to train dragons so they can fight other players online. These battles can be rewarding and rewarding. There are three types of battle: Quests, Arenas, or Leagues. In each case, players can choose from 3 dragons. Each species has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as primary elements. As the game progresses, dragons will become able to produce gold. This is used to enhance their abilities and structures. You can also trade it on farms to get food. This will allow dragons to level up and grow, thereby improving their stats.

      Once a player has reached level 27, the area "Ancient World", which allows for gold to be traded for crystals, appears. There are also special missions that can be completed to earn rewards or unique dragons. You can join existing alliances and create new alliances to earn benefits. These rewards include chests containing orbs, food and gold.

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          How to PLAY Dragon City on PC

          Download Dragon City on PC How to enjoy Dragon City on PC and the way it operates? That's genuine all the concern posed by lots of visitors who just wish...