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This is the perfect game to learn safely for those who want to learn about driving.

Dr. Driving is a driving simulation game; that is to say, players will have to drive through the city and follow the indicated path that the game shows them.

Something to highlight is that this game brings with it the essence of traditional racing games. However, the objective of this one is not to go at full speed but to try at average speed as you would if you were driving through your neighborhood or city in real life.

Among the cars we can get, several of them are classified as class A (basic level), B, C, and S (potent cars), and car colors such as Red, White, Yellow, Lemon Green, Sky Blue, Black, Deep Orange, Pink, and Gold already defined. So you will not be able to tune them to your liking. Remember that to get more powerful cars, you will need a lot of gold coins to get them.

Within the game, there are several levels that you, as a driver, must go through as you complete the tasks that are asked of you, either to go from one city to another or to park in a specific place.

The reward system for completing the tasks is with coins, which you can later exchange for more luxurious cars.

The Good

  • The city's design, the cars, and the sound effects are pleasant while driving.
  • The controls that you have to use are not difficult to understand and use.
  • The levels get more and more enjoyable. Once you start, you won't be able to stop playing.

The Bad

  • The level update system is very frustrating, as you will have to update it on Google Play to see the changes.
  • To play with friends, they shouldn't be too far away, as you won't find them within the game area.
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    How to PLAY Dr. Driving on PC

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