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If you are a DJ, this game is designed especially for you.

That's right, dear Internet users, now DJs can boast of a game dedicated especially for them since we can face the most powerful enemies and their lackeys to the rhythm of current soundtracks and techno-pop.

Legend has it that a long time ago, there was a God in mythology called Miramon who was cruel and merciless to anyone who opposed being his ally or going against his goals such as conquering our planet, but also tells that there was a group of young people called "Espers," who faced this and managed to defeat him trapping him forever in an unknown dimension.

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In the year 2053, the environment on our planet has now changed. It is in a boom where music is a very important factor, and DJs are recognized worldwide for providing a fusion of lights and effects that dazzle in each presentation. In fact, it has become a very popular contest where everyone wants to dabble and be the best of all time.

However, after thousands of years, the earth had suffered the impact of a miraculous and powerful object belonging to Apollo, the Greek god of music, scattered all over the world due to the friction that is generated when entering the orbit of the earth and has affected every DJ in the world, giving them unique abilities based on deities such as Odin, Loki, Thor, etc., generating a wormhole to another dimension, causing the rupture that had imprisoned the Great Tyrant Miramon. When he was free, he would begin his revenge plan to cause the earth's greatest chaos.

From here, the Dj began to notice that they had powers and formed an alliance formed by a team of 5 people to defeat this new enemy who wanted to conquer the earth.

And this is how Dislyte was born, where a great epic battle began for the struggle between good and evil to the rhythm of music; you can discover and mix extraordinary music because the reward system rewards you for it, meet other DJs in the world and train with them to be the best.

The Good:

Although it is not a very innovative game, it has some high-quality graphics The game's music is pretty cool to listen to while battling.

It is not a very invasive game You don't have to spend a lot of money to defeat the enemies, because the ones it offers you and depending on your strategy, you can get it. Nothing to complain about.

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    How to PLAY Dislyte on PC

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