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DIALux is an excellent and powerful free tool to create illumination projects.

DIALux is an essential software for architects and interior designers because it allows them to plan the luminaries, in the exterior and the interior, of a particular space.

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Although the program is not difficult to use, it is advisable first to familiarize with all the available tools and have a look at the user’s manual. The manual is in Spanish and is very didactic and clear regarding the explanations.

The graphical interface of DIALux is divided mainly into three work areas: the CAD window, the project manager and the guide. These three work areas will help you carry out a quick presentation of the lighting installation. The project manager includes an Inspector and the corresponding tree structure with items such as project, furniture, textures, luminaries, output.

DIALux allows seeing the planning in 3D and ground view, and you can use side and front views for an interactive planning. Besides, you can move, modify the scale, turn and select the objects that are available in the interior and exterior spaces.

You can import and export .dwg, .dxf, .3ds and .gbxml files in all your projects. The

DIALux project works with world leading luminaries manufacturers, since the database of the company DIAL is associated with international companies.

by Augusto Baldi

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