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Desktop Info is a simple application which’s as its names translation says, is the system’s information from the desktop.

This application doesn’t require installation, it only needs a click to be started and it is ready to use, the information will be visible in the right upper part of your desktop’s screen. The examination made by Desktop Info is in real time and frequently updated.

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The exact information offered by Desktop Info includes the current date, will indicate you when Windows was started with its respective CPU consume, net use, disk space and IP and DNS addresses.

Desktop Info will give you the possibility resides of changing and modifying your information, but to get that you will have to do it from your note pad, since its interface can not be handle, being only an information source. Which information is shown in different colors so you can visualize them very clearly.

With Desktop Info you will know all tasks your computer system is performing and how is its job going. Knowing this information is vital to a good functioning and if some mistake is registered, you could know how to handle it and to take the corrective remedial.

by Augusto Baldi

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