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Become the toughest soldier to kill

DEAD TRIGGER 2, It is not the typical zombie game where you use weapons at a distance to kill them; here, you will feel real terror because the infected zombies will approach very fast, and you will have no choice but to use the melee if you want to survive.

The goal is basically to find the problem that caused this invasion, so you must travel through the southern territory of the United States and the African continent, where it is believed the infection began. A specialized team of survivors will accompany you to put an end to the new order of terror that has reached our land.

It also offers the possibility of upgrading your shelter and that of your team, where you will be able to make even more powerful even more powerful weapons or create very powerful toxins that will put an end to this invasion.

To advance in the game, you and your team will have to complete a series of missions where you will be able to obtain a variety of rewards such as: "maps" where the most dangerous zombies are, improve your "skills" to kill and a variety of "weapons." It is worth mentioning that in the game, there are 38 different weapons that you will have to win by defeating all the undead that you find in an arena of 600 possible scenarios of action that this game offers you.

Although you may think there are many action scenarios, the game's story is extremely short since it consists of 16 missions divided between the United States and Africa.

The game's interface, in terms of the designs of the characters, zombies, and apocalyptic cities, is of very good quality; you can fully observe some of the goriest and bloody details of the characters, as well as a large number of impressive effects that you will surely enjoy as any addict to video games of this type.

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    How to PLAY DEAD TRIGGER 2 on PC

    How to PLAY DEAD TRIGGER 2 on PC

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