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DAVID-Laserscanner is an application software dedicated to 3D design and art professionals.

DAVID-Laserscanner is presented in a very simple way, but with very interesting and great results, since it offers us the functions of capturing images as a conventional scanner. But the difference is that DAVID-Laserscanner acts as software that is capable to scan any kind of objects and saving them in our computer, with the possibility of being used in different professional applicative dedicated to effects, or, 3D or graphic applicative.

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To get that DAVID-Laserscanner can work in an efficient way; it is necessary using a digital or web camera with the software, even being recommended to increase its use to obtain better results with better details. Besides, it is necessary to have a laser light connected to the PC that works as an image receptor with the camera.

It is very important to have a good space to scan the chosen object, as the one that is recommended by the software’s developer, an axonometric geometric set. The objects that will be scanned and saved in the computer will have OBJ, .STL and .PLY. format of which .OBJ is the most common and that besides can be imported directly by the programs.

That way, with DAVID-Laserscanner we will be able to accomplish excellent 3D graphic animation works, with few resources and good results.

by Augusto Baldi

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