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Danger from the Deep is an amusing and very well developed video game of submarine combat simulation.

Inspired in Second World War, in which big battles were played in the Oceans to enter the enemy territory.

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Submarines and aircraft carriers were the main mechanical characters, while their companies carried out all kinds of maneuvers and strategies to stay safe and to end with a victorious journey. In Danger from the Deep you will have the possibility to revive this experience in simulation way, with some quite promising graphs with those details that tame the players in a video game, capturing some excellent and pleasant effects for the user.

When you start the game you will be able to enter directly the 40`s and 50´s atmosphere, where they stood out to hardships the tapes in black and white, where the music in the record player was the sensation of the moment and one could enjoy with some jazz. Each one of those sound and visual details, enhance the level of the game amazingly.

When you begin a battle in Danger from the Deep, you will be able to have the possibility to manage each one of the boards are presented in the submarines, carrying out movements of speed and direction.

Danger from the Deep is an excellent marine war simulator, set in the Second World War where you will be able to dive in the emotion and to feel the difference and the adrenaline to detect or to be detected.

by Augusto Baldi

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