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CrossCraze is a Scrabble game where we make words from the letters that are displayed.

The game consists of a board where you place letters and try to make a word. We must to cross words to be able to playing the game. We can play versus the computer or versus a friend.

We have 30 different boards ranging from 15x15 to 21x21 squares, thus being able to vary the difficulty and duration of the game. In addition to classic version, where we have to chain letters behind the existing ones, we can play the version where we can drop letters already on the board, called Tile Stacking Mode. All that is combined with 4 difficulty levels that make CrossCraze a video game wich we'll enjoy it for many hours.

Besides having a good time, we also can learn other languages, since this fun game includes dictionaries for 8 languages: English, French, Castilian, German, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and Danish. Thanks to difficulty levels, we can choose the level that best fits our knowledge of the chosen language. The game shows words according to the level and language.

The game is available in two versions, free and paid. The free brings limited functions:

  • Only one board style
  • Tile Stacking Mode is not available
  • You can only select one opponent
  • The online mode is not available

CrossCraze revives the classic Scrabble and allows us to spend hours of fun on our PC or mobile phone, because it's available for Windows and Android.

by Augusto Baldi

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