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Comic Life is a multiplatform application for compositions with images and give them a comic book aesthetic.

Comic Life is a good tool to transform our memories of a trip, a wedding, a birthday or any other time in a comic strip or graphic novel.

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It's simple to use Comic Life to create albums of comics: just select one of the templates of the program and start to drag and drop the pictures on the interface.

To give the album a comic appearance, you can organize the images as if they were bullets, insert speech bubbles, onomatopoeia and thoughts, and other labels. Comic Life even add sounds to dialogue balloons so you can create a fun and multimedia presentation.

Of course, you can customize to your liking all elements and graphics options of Comic Life, as the types and colors of text, the positions of the balloons and define what items you prefer in the foreground and in the background, among other possibilities.

Comic Life exports the work you have done to HTML format or as an image. In this way, you can show your friends and family, your memories in a creative and original way.

by Augusto Baldi

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