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Coin Master is a game about building a village, creating and raising pets and ships, and evolving them, using the coins earned by playing a slot machine in the pure Vegas style.

Your goal is to build your own village safe enough to unlock the next one; for each object built and new village, you can increase the value of the rewards.

As you progress, the game can simply become a collection system of either cards or pets that can give you some in-game benefits, such as the possibility to increase the spins in the slot machine.

The more objects you build in your village, the faster you will advance to the next one; remember that this is a game also known in the world as pay to win. You will have to pay if you want to have a better chance of defending your village or winning more frequent slot machine spins. However, the game also offers the possibility to wait for a certain time limit so that you get a maximum of 50 spins per day , o free coins.

Another point in favor to win slot machine spins, as we mentioned before, is the collection of cards, since the rarer they are, the higher the prize you get. You can get these cards by attacking the villages of other players or even those of your own friends; since this game is designed for community and social integration, you can use your Facebook account to invite your friends and have fun with them.

To make this game unbiased, you will notice that it has a rank level based on stars, so you will be able to place yourself in the game's leaderboard. Remember that if you build, you will be able to increase them, but if you are attacked and cannot defend the village, your star level will drop considerably.

Become the strongest Viking in Coin Master, placing yourself in the first place of an extensive community.

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    How to PLAY Coin Master on PC

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