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ClonyXXL is an old program that displays information about CDs and DVDs copy protection.

During CDs and DVDs golden era, existed multiple systems that aimed to avoid the duplication of CDs and DVDs. These systems were (and remain), implanted in the CDs/DVDs, audio, video, data, and video games.

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ClonyXXL analyzes CD/DVD in search of anti-copy protection systems. So we just need to insert the disc in the drive unit, press “Scan CD” button and the program will look for anti-copy disc protections.
In the central part of the screen, it will show information about the result of the analysis. If it finds any type of protection, the information will be displayed in the part labeled as “Protection”.
In the lower part, it shows a series of skulls. The greater the number of skulls, the more difficult it will be to skip detected protection.
The protections detected by the program are the following:

Data CDs/DVDs:

  • SafeDisc V1
  • SafeDisc V2 to V2.9
  • SecuRom
  • SecuRom new
  • SecuRom new V4.8
  • LaserLok
  • CD-Cops
  • Discguard
  • ProtectCD-V0B
  • ProtectCD V5
  • Tages
  • Ring Protech
  • StarForce
  • StarForce 3
  • PhenoProtect
  • CDProtector
  • CopyKiller
  • Dummy Files
  • Bad Sectors

Audio CDs:

  • Key2Audio
  • Cactus Data Shield 100
  • Cactus Data Shield 200
  • Illegal TOC
  • CD-Extra
  • Mixed Mode

PlayStation (PSX):

  • Psx-Lybcrypt

The program allows us to configure up to 3 tools that can be launched from the interface of the program. This is useful because we can have quick access to related applications.

Program versions prior to are integrated with CloneCD software , in such a way that ClonyXXL automatically configures CloneCD parameters.
Since version, the integration with CloneCD goes away.

The program was discontinued in the year 2003.

by Augusto Baldi

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