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CleanHaven is a program to clean text that will allow your texts to have a fantastic presentation.

Many times you wonder if the work required to be delivered to the teacher or the document that has to be sent to your boss is correctly spelled and formatted. Have you been through the situation where there was not enough time to review everything and take one last look at the document? CleanHaven is a great help in these cases, and I'll tell you why.

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CleanHaven is an application that will help you correct the errors that may contain a text after it has been done as, double spaces, tabs, caps misplaced, duplicate words, spelling corrections, foreign markings, directions, links to e-mails and web, etc.

CleanHaven is very easy to install and use. Once opened you will see a window where you have to paste the text you want to control. The next step is to mark the attributes in the two tabs that are on the text. You have to mark those attributes that you want the program finds in the text (duplication, misplaced capital cases, links, delete characters, etc.).

Once the previous step is done, the program will clear the text (Clean key) and CleanHaven will launch a second window with the text cleaned and organized. You will copy and paste the text back into the original document, and you're done. You get a formatted and presentable text in a few minutes.

CleanHaven also fixes the text columns from spreadsheets. And the process is the same: to copy a data column from Excel, clean it and then re-paste it into an Excel file.

by Augusto Baldi

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