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      Forget whether we're talking about Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other platform. Some of the world's top video games have critical points where we think we will be stopped forever. If we take the necessary time, we may be able to get past all the obstacles, but many times we can also use some little tips or tricks.

      It is precisely in this sense that we did not want to stop recommending you a program like Cheat Engine, which has been developed for those situations in which we cannot overcome a particular obstacle in the video game we are playing. This application allows us to go a little beyond our original scope through what are called trainers for games.

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      In effect, we are talking about something like a program that can modify some parts of the games so that they activate the hidden tricks, and if that was the reason for not being able to overcome a certain point, that's it; you've already left it behind. The best thing about Cheat Engine is that it works without us having to enter codes or any specific information that wastes our time.

      You must know that Cheat Engine is not simple software or that any user can use it because it is not like that. If you want infinite money in just a second, that will not happen with this program. This system allows us to create all kinds of tricks and cheats, thanks to which you can leave behind specific critical points of some of the most famous games in the world.

      Cheat Engine works by using a memory scanner since it has to analyze the games that are running, trying to use the values associated with the parameters of each one of them to be able to solve them later. It is clear that for many players, using a service of this type is nothing but cheating, but that will be up to each person.

      Some of the main features of Cheat Engine have to do with the fact that it has a system for modifying video games employing all kinds of customized cheats, which is the key to how this application works. This allows us to access the memory of the running games, so as you can see, it is necessary to have specific knowledge in the field.

      At the same time, Cheat Engine has tools for manipulating the contents of video games that we can take advantage of using technologies such as Direct3D and OpenGL, two of the most common in the segment. And if you are an inexperienced user and don't know much about what we are talking about, its creators also offer you a beginner's guide to getting the most out of it.

      Even if all of the above does not convince you, you should not lose sight of the fact that we have many plugins on the developers' website that allow us to add functions to those we have mentioned so far. In this sense, we can say that you should pay attention to them because some of them are useful.

      About the user interface of Cheat Engine, we can say a little about what we have been highlighting so far about this application, which is that we are in the presence of a mighty one, but that also requires some previous knowledge. Its design does not differ too much from any simple program for Windows, but the difficulty lies in reading its data and using its functions.

      The best thing about Cheat Engine is that it has many configuration options of all kinds, so if you are someone who has worked in the past with applications as interesting as these, you will have no doubt that its possibilities are almost endless. On the other hand, we also liked that there are already some tricks uploaded to its official page for you, and of course, the many tutorials that will try to help you during your projects.

      The negative aspects of Cheat Engine that have caught our attention, meanwhile, have to do with the fact that it can be a bit repulsive for users who are just starting due to the complexity of its actions. On the other hand, although it has not happened to us, we have read that it is common for this program to jump out as a virus in the analysis of the leading security software.

      In summary, we consider that Cheat Engine is a tool that should be taken into account by all those users who, at some point, have modified their video games, in this case, to try to get rid of those critical points that we cannot overcome. It is an application that requires a lot of time, so you'd better approach it with patience.

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