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      Cheat Engine is a decoder that will allow you to see the processes of running games and win tricks.

      If you are a games fan you'll like to be aware of the tricks for your favorite games built into your software. To do so, Cheat Engine is giving a helping hand to view or to create them.

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      What Cheat Engine does is to find in the memory games process the variables associated with tricks to those who want to get to improve their performance during the matches.

      Cheat Engine provides functions and tools for manipulating the games memory to find tricks that are very useful in game time. If the game does not have those tricks with Cheat Engine you will be able to create them.

      It is not recommended for neophytes, but for those users who already have experience using this type of software. Anyway, in Cheat Engine the webpage there is a great database with tricks sheets you can download to start.

      Using Cheat Engine you can get a strong health, infinite time and a lot of weapons and ammunition in the game.

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