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C&C Tiberian: Red Alert is another sequel of Command and Conquer saga video game. With this game you could be part of a world battle simulation; this strategy video game brings many options so that you can feel as if you were in a real battle.

C&C Tiberian: Red Alert is catalogued many times as one of the best strategy games and no wonder it is an addictive and very nicely designed experience.

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Its audio and video make the game very highlighted, is a way of fun very interesting that will tame you for hours. This game’s story will involve you in a terrifying future world full of battles and wars, with a touch of humanity history rescuing Second World War’s memories.

With C&C Tiberian: Red Alert you will be hours trying to go to the next phase, learning a little bit more each time about the strategy you must use, in individual or multi player games (net or internet).

C&C Tiberian: Red Alert is the option to enjoy nice hours in front of your computer, organizing, moving, creating troops and attacking your opponent to win the battles. This game promises hours of entertainment developing your tactic and strategic skills.

by Augusto Baldi

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