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Cave Story is a very particular video game to stay alive in the XXI century, because it doesn't use the graphs that have been developed along 3D work, but this video game works practically with one of the first video game styles: the pixel.

Cave Story tells the history of a small robot that has to go by many circumstances to save some creatures, presenting three alternative ends. One can have a quite traditional thought of the game at the beginning, but it is enough with proving with some of their adventure and plot to stay in front of the computer for hours with a potential entertainment.

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This video game doesn't need installation; it is only necessary to obtain the application and to click to begin this touching adventure. For those that love the simple video games handling but with complexes development, Cave Story is the best option and alternative to enjoy. It might be that their square and rectangular graphs are not the most attractive thing, however, jumping and to shooting although being their two only movements make it quite addictive and amusing, one of the main objectives of any video game that comes out to the market.

Cave Story maintains a long and very complete history, like mentioned before, with three alternative ends which opens the possibilities to the user of inspecting each corner of the places that are converged in the video game to discover each detail.

by Augusto Baldi

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