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Capitan Sevilla El remake is a game in two dimensions that has tamed grownups and children from the end of the 80’s. The history is based on a Spanish super hero that embodied a driver of a truck of sausages and because of its voracious appetite ended up eating an atomic sausage that gives him super powers.

But how did it get the atomic sausage? A group of bandits shot a nuclear rocket in Valence city causing radiation that attracted aliens and strange creatures; this radiation entered the truck of Capitan Sevilla El remake and he ate a piece of "infected" sausage. From that day, only one man would be able to stop to all the mutants that seek to destroy this beautiful city.

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The interface of Capitan Sevilla El remake has a good quality in spite of the fact that it was created more than two decades ago. We will be able to choose between two languages: Spanish and English.

So that the Capitan Sevilla El remake can arrive to the "bottom of all this" and to destroy the enemies, it is necessary that it overcomes hundred of obstacles, terminate some aliens and to eat radio-active sausages to "gain power."

Even been initially produced for video consoles with Capitan Sevilla El remake we have the possibility to download it right now and to enjoy this game that, without a doubt, will cause us incomparable happiness.

by Augusto Baldi

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