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Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game in which you must combine elements of the same type by executing the action in one move. For some, it can become a healthy addiction to try to solve the board system and find the exact combination to level up.

Something new that makes it different from other games is its level of interactivity; that is to say, when you complete a puzzle board, a map will appear that will guide you to the maximum level of the game, which you will have to overcome difficult combinations, so you must be very attentive if you want to advance.

However, the action in one move has a precise number of combinations (three and five) that you can perform to get as many points as possible.

Game scheme:

At first, this may be as simple as reaching X score in a given Y moves. Some levels may have hidden elements that will help you complete the level; others, for example, offer you difficulties, such as a wall of candy that gives you little chance of scoring. This is where your ability to be a great strategist and look for the perfect combination to destroy everything that gets in your way comes into play.

The good thing:

It is a simple game; it has a great variety of boards and obstacles that make it fun to watch and play.

The bad:

The game system is that you start with five lives, and in case you don't manage to pass the level; you will have to wait half an hour to start again; however, if you want to get an immediate life, special item bonuses, music or avatars, you will have to pay for it.

Sometimes the game gets a bit repetitive, making the music at the beginning pleasant and comforting, but over time, it becomes cloying and annoying.

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    How to PLAY Candy Crush Saga on PC

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