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Call of Antia is a combination game with the traditional RPG, where the characters fight with the ancient spirits of evil threatening this world.

Get ready to dive into a world full of fantasies, where you will find wizards, dragons, and all kinds of creatures waiting to be discovered in this new game developed by FunPlus International AG.

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The game system is mainly based on three games, where you will have to collect runes of the same color, which will activate your heroes' abilities in the battle arena.

This game also has a story mode, where you can build your fortress, whether houses, castles, museums, blacksmiths, camps, mines, quarries, or breeding centers for your dragons.

Another important aspect is that it allows us to collect the different types of heroes classified as follows:

  • Offensive, this is where our warriors, mages, assassins, archers, and pirates are.
  • Healers, such as priests, vampires, etc.
  • Support, such as fairies and some elven sorcerers.

To improve the stats and abilities of your heroes, you must complete the daily or progression quests presented by the game.

The Good

  • Graphical combination of 2D and 3D characters, they look very well detailed.
  • The voice of the characters and the sound effects, as well as the background music that plays in the game, are magnificent.
  • It does not contain those annoying ads that bring us headaches while playing the game.
  • Because it is not a purely RPG game, the 3 Match system is an excellent way to exercise our brains and keep us always active.

The Bad

  • Pay to win" game system; although the game offers free things, the more you advance in the game, you will notice the great difficulty of maintaining the energy of your heroes, and you will be forced to make micro-transactions to continue growing.
  • The game sometimes has a somewhat slow progression.
  • You need the internet to play it.
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    How to PLAY Call of Antia on PC

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