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Although small, but with pretty much clear meanings are the words in your browsers private or incognito tab to warn you about your internet activity’s trail and the possibility of being traced. So if you want to still brag yourself about being safe during a browser’s private session, you might want to think again. Clearly it is no kind of deceiving on the part of your browser developer, rather it is your lack of awareness or unexpectedly high expectations of being safe.

But worry not because the reality is that you are not the alone victim in this case. Both ordinary internet users as well software developing experts face these kinds of issues so much so that internet spying can be as dangerous as someone watching your every move over the internet as if the spy was sitting beside you.

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This is one of the main reasons why few credible and trustworthy people took on the task to develop browsers that were secure and equipped with anti-tracking codes. One such team of developers came up with a browser we know as ‘Brave’.

So why use Brave?

Aside from the claim on Brave browser’s official website that aims to completely redefine the way that our web system works, Brave browser offers a few other advantages over its competitors as well that any present-day internet user should have basic access to.

  • You own your data – Selling without consent user-generated data is a common revenue-making practice by developers who offer their software for free. Although the Brave browser is also free, its servers do not store user data and hence it does not sell it. All and every data generated during any web session gets stored only on your device. So either you retain it or delete it, is at your discretion.

  • Choose what to block – Unlike other browsers offering general ad and tracker blocking, Brave browser offers its users with the freedom to customize blocking settings according to each individual website (mentioned as Per-site shield settings on the developer website) or as a general rule for all websites.

  • Automatic HTTPS – Using HTTPS protocol with the domain name is an industry-standard to make website visitors feel safe. While most browsers do not even consider this issue, the Brave browser has a built-in feature that automatically adds this protocol requirement to every domain you enter. This way you only get directed to a safe and secure website.

  • Faster browsing – If you are wondering that with the exceptional features mentioned above, the Brave browser would definitely work slow after all it has so much to go through before loading any webpage, then you are wrong. While your concern is genuine, Brave browser also tends to be one of the top-performing browsers in terms of data loading speed. In fact, it claims to load web pages faster by 3 to 6 times than any other browser. This is because Brave browser blocks unnecessary data like ads, cookies and scripts on any website from loading, thus bringing you only the filtered and important content.

  • Use Tor – To make your private browsing completely private, the Brave browser comes with the option of Tor or The Onion Routing. As specified by the name, Tor enables multi-layered protection by routing your connection to any website through multiple servers while simultaneously encrypting every connection.

How to switch to Brave Browser

Brave browser is available on most of the platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. So whatever platform you use, just download the latest version available on their respective application stores, run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Then simply, import the bookmarks and browsing history from your previous browser to continue where you left from. In addition to this, you can also download and use most of the Chrome extensions in the Chrome web store.

Supporting content creation through Brave rewards

Since Brave browser does not directly sell your data nor does it allow third party ads to collect your data for selling, Brave browser offers a simple and easy to use program in order to support content creators. This Brave browser reward program is based on BAT or simply Basic Attention Tokens concept.

By displaying ads from verified and trusted publishers, Brave rewards its users with these tokens which can be transferred to partnered content creators accounts who can convert them into currency to support the continuation of their work.


Similar to any other free software on the internet, you will find mixed types of reviews on whether the Brave browser can be trusted or not. Your anti-virus software might as well try to stop you from installing it as well. But what we conclude is that compared to the benefits that it includes and the solution like BAT to support content creation, Brave browser is clearly a win-win situation.

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