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Braid is a game for all ages where it will be necessary to solve certain puzzles as we go through its different levels.

When entering Braid, you will meet with Tim, who will have to control in each one of their movements and tasks to be able to find and to rescue the princess of the claws of a monster.

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Braid gives you tasks to be accomplished as you enter with Tim in the game. These tasks a lot of times are helps so that we know what to do at a certain moment. That way, Tim will enter for several corridors, arising and descending stairways, running and jumping on top of several strange creatures to win points that will influence on our result.

When you are in Braid’s corridors, it will be necessary to render attention to each hidden corner, since there it could be each one of the pieces to form the puzzle: These pieces should be collected to complete the tasks of each level.

As in every game, Braid has certain number of tools to raffle the traps that can take away your life. An important tool makes reference to the possibility to retreat of a scene before losing your life; with that you will know that to do at this point.

Haul of that Braid will give Tim the possibility to send his shadow to attack the creatures that are in his way without harming his physical integrity.

by Augusto Baldi

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