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      Boot Repair is a tool that helps to repair the system to boot different operating systems.

      When an operating system is installed on PC, it install some instructions in the system to boot from the primary hard disk. Normally there is no problem with booting the system, but there are situations in which it is quite likely that problems arise. For example, if the PC is power off suddenly while booting or at any other time, it's possible that the system boot sectors are corrupt. When we install multiple operating systems on the same PC, there is the possibility that the system boot fail and the PC doesn't start correctly. In any case, to repair the boot system tends to be more complex and requires lots of knowledge.

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      Thanks to Boot Repair the system boot repair process will be almost automatic. To start the program, we must copy the .iso file to a CD/DVD disc, and boot the Computer from the CD/DVD. PC will start a desktop (LUbuntu) where it shows the initial screen of Boot Repair. In addition, we will have access to other useful tools such as: browser, gparted, terminal, etc.

      The main screen of the program consists of 2 large buttons:

      • Recommended Repair: Pressing this button will carry out the tasks that are necessary to repair the system boot. The process is automatic and once completed it shows an URL where we can see the repair report. The process can take several minutes and does not require our intervention. Once this process is completed, we must restart the computer and verify that the boot system works correctly.
      • Create “BootInfo” summary: this option creates a report with information about boot system. This report can be useful to attach it in the support forums, or send it to a friend who can interpret the data contained in it.

      The program has a number of advanced options such as:

      • Make backup copy of the boot sector, partition tables and registry.
      • Restore MBR: if we mark this option, the program will attempt to recover the Master Boot Record (MBR).
      • Repair file system: will try to repair the file system. It is convenient to have a backup of the data stored on the PC before using this option.
      • Grub Options: if the PC has installed the GRUB boot loader, we will be able to edit the GRUB configuration, reinstall it, add support for ATA disks, and more options.

      This software can be used on any Computer regardless of the operating system installed on it, because the execution is performed using a bootable CD/DVD that works on any PC. So that we will be able to use it if we have Linux, Windows or Mac.

      Without a doubt, this software is a must have for those people who give technical support, or for those users that want to fix the problem on their own, without having to edit complex configuration files.

      The program is free and open source.

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