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Blood Frontier is a shooter game, with free version, open code and with the possibility to play on-line or in multi-player mode.

Blood Frontier is a game about the human evolution that, along the centuries has been extended for the whole solar system and thanks to the grandiose engineering it was possible to create excellent communication ways among the colonies that inhabit each planet. The robots are essential part of the development, but what is unknown, is that some are bearers of a roof-biological curse that threatens to destroy all the humans after an extreme dissemination.

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All of the people would seem to be dying mysteriously and the dissemination continues: In Blood Frontier we are one of the androids that has as mission to preserve the human race and for this reason has been entrusted of the mission of eliminating all infected people that, haul of being contaminating the virus, intend to "infect" the largest possible number of people to accomplish a catastrophe. That is due to the fact that the virus has as "metastasis" great mental problems: The enemies in Blood Frontier seem zombies because the aggressive virus disorders people's nervous central system.

Locating and stopping the source of the epidemic will give us a lot of amusement hours and we will be playing it for plenty of time, for sure. The high quality images will involve us in the virtual reality that we search for in this type of game.

by Augusto Baldi

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