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Bless Global is a medieval fantasy MMORPG game with a graphical quality similar to console games. The game is published by Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of the publicly traded company KOSDAQ Longtu Korea. The development team has worked for two years to optimize the game design and mechanics based on the original game. Using blockchain technology and studying popular GameFi projects, the team has managed to improve the economic model of Bless Global, including an inflation-deflation system and numerical design.

In Bless Global, players can explore an open world and search for valuable resources to increase their battle power. They can also team up with friends to fight powerful enemies in dungeons and share team rewards. In addition, players can capture and tame various pets and mounts, which will help them in future adventures. They will also be able to customize weapons and equipment to defend themselves better against the forces of chaos. These items can be converted into tradable NFTs and sold on the market. Players can sell them for cryptocurrencies and buy those sold by others to increase their battle power in the game.

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The plot is set in a medieval fantasy world; the Dragonborn Heroes have guarded the Dragon Temple in the chaotic territory of Akaos; whenever there is chaos, they will take up arms to fight for justice and order. In the game, the player becomes a cadet of a Dragonborn hero. On the first day, the forces of evil ambush the Dragon Temple, and you help Toros, the Sage of Time, defeat them and protect the Time Stone, the energy core of the Time Dragon. To prepare for future attacks, the player will embark on a magical journey to find other energy cores. The journey will take the player through the various Lands of the Humans, the territories of the Vargs, and the forests of the Elves, and ally with warriors to maintain order and fight against the demons of chaos.

The game scene is diverse and allows a splendid visual experience in an immersive magical world. The game features a multifaceted landscape system that will enable you to visualize arid deserts, icy valleys, quiet forests, and vast green meadows. Different vegetation, structure, climate, and river systems have created versatile visual styles. In addition to the diverse landscapes and dynamic vegetation, weather simulation and real-time shadow rendering add spice to the gameplay experience. With high polygonal models, texturing, and advanced sculpting performance, the game makes all 3D characters attractive, vivid and realistic.

The game features several playable character classes: Ranger, Berserker, Mage, Crusader, and Priest.

  • The Ranger class is a ranged and melee combat class specializing in causing continuous damage at any range and demoralizing enemies to increase damage. It is ideal as a damaged carrier in teams.
  • The Berserker class is a melee class with severe damage and endurance, ideal for leading the front lines and attracting enemy attention.
  • The Mage class is a ranged damage magic class capable of dealing high magic damage to their enemies. Mages are excellent at eliminating enemies from afar and controlling the battlefield with their magic.
  • The Crusader class is a melee class with high defensive power, capable of protecting their team and resisting attacks. Crusaders are excellent at leading the battlefront and protecting their teammates.
  • The Priest class is a healing support class, capable of healing and protecting their teammates. Priests are excellent at keeping their team in battle and helping to complete missions.

It has several types of gameplay, so players can experience different ways to play the game.

Patana Battlefield is a game mode in which players engage in a team battle on a massive battlefield. It is a game of strategy and team coordination where players must work together to achieve victory. Squad/Group Dungeon is a game mode where players must form teams to explore dungeons and fight mighty bosses. It is a tactical and team coordination challenge where players must be prepared to face difficult challenges.

  • Bounty Hunter is a game mode where players must hunt down and eliminate wanted criminals. It is a tactical and strategic challenge where players must find their targets and make decisions to capture them. Clash of Classes is a game mode in which players must compete in an arena in a class vs. class competition. It is a tactical and skill challenge where players must master their skills and strategies to win the competition.

Overall, Bless Global offers several game modes so players can experience different ways to play the game, whether in a team, solo, or competitive play. Each of these game modes offers a tactical, strategic, and skill challenge for players to experience different challenges and improve their skills in the game.

The game integrates blockchain technology and uses NFTs (non-fungible tokens), providing players with a more secure, transparent, and valuable gaming experience, allowing them to gain economic benefits from their in-game skills and achievements. In addition, in-game items and resources have more value and utility due to their interoperability with other games and updates.

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    How to PLAY Bless Global on PC

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