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BIRT is an Eclipse project that offers a great number of tasks, mostly to web applications, with business intelligence capacity.

BIRT works with two main elements: an execution time component to generate reports that could be extended to any Java environment. The second element of BIRT project, is a graphic motor that can be implemented on report’s design, or if you want to, it can be individually used to integrate graphics to an application.

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To make it easier to user, it brings a tutorial in which you will have all BIRT functions. This tool to Java/J2EE applications is considered as a very intuitive facilitator. The steps offered by BIRT to create a report are very clear. It also offers many options, from “Pallete” Eclipse view, as lists, graphics, tables, images and many visual elements, but that could be added to design’s window. Other options that can be highlighted in BIRT are the filters, summaries, types, groups and more.

This reports tool to Java with open code is the utility that you need to your applications and web reports, changing from its esthetic and design bases, to its JavaScript.

by Augusto Baldi

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