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Bikez II is a video game where the main character is a motorcyclist bandit.

If driving a vehicle is what you like, in Bikez II you have the opportunity to drive a motorcycle. In this game you are transformed into a motorcycle bandit who has a mission to fight to obtain money.

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By obtaining more money you will be able to buy more weapons and motorcycles to continue committing crimes.

In Bikez II everything is allowed: stealing, shooting and running over people you find along the way. You will experience your journey through the city as if you were on a real life motorcycle; that is to say, as if you had a camera on the back of your head looking forward.

As the game develops, you will have to accomplish missions entrusted to you by the mafia gang you belong to. As you complete these missions, the next will prove to be more difficult in Bikez II.

You must be attentive and be quick as lightning because you can run into the police at any corner.

When you begin the game you will be able to choose to play a new game or continue a saved one. You can also set up the sound options from the home screen. In addition, Bikez II allows you to begin the game at an easy, normal or high difficulty level.

by Augusto Baldi

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