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Bart's PE Builder is an application that will allow us to create a CD-ROM or DVD with Windows installation, to start our computer whenever the operating system is not running properly.

With this application you can recover our system in cases have been victims of any damage or virus in our system, effectively replacing those no longer reliable 3 ½ records we used to use.

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The user interface is simple to use. Bart's PE Builder has several languages among which we find the English. We have the possibility to upload those very important files, so as "restore order" in our equipment we will not have losses.

Bart's PE Builder can include an antivirus of our preference to run it in situations where failure is the result of some systematic virus attack, troyans, worm or other malicious code. When our system is recovered and left damaged files by any or unknown causes, the program will restore it without any problems in 98% of cases.

Some of the main characteristics of Bart's PE Builder are:

  1. Access to automatic updates of program’s new versions.
  2. Free and open code program
  3. Remote access to any computer without having an operating system installed.

by Augusto Baldi

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