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AVS System Info is a free program that informs us in details, about all the components o four computer.

One of the key points of AVS System Info is the possibility of analysing our PC’s complete information where we will our plate mother's generalities, the processor, the memory, video card, to BIOS, the extractable units, CD and DVD units. We will also be able to access the information related to our software, audio codex and video that were installed in our computer.

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AVS System Info allows taking place a hardware test to prove the situation of our computer’s memory card, as well as our CPU, hard disk or simply to analyze our 3D card’s efficiency.

The information system that offers AVS System Info, will allow us, in a simple way, to generate reports of the of our PC components. This could be a necessary tool if we wanted to compare our speed, for instance, with other computer models. The possibility to export this report to access it at any moment, will assure us that our information is always available to be revised by our trust technician to see if there is some kind of damage.

AVS System Info is available in many languages including English.

by Augusto Baldi

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