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AV Voice Changer is a free time program, to entertain yourself with your instant message contacts or only for fun, to be used with videos, songs or whatever you want.

With this fantastic program you will be able to change your voice, disguise it as a child, woman or ancient voice, and whatever you want to play jokes with your friends, and why not, to imitate some famous person voice. AV Voice Changer works in a very didactic way, in which you have the possibility of changing the timbre, acuity, tone and living effects to the voice; it also counts with sound equalizer to make it easier.

With AV Voice Changer you will have the advantage of using this joke in your MSN or other instant message program that you are using and in which you could play with. It has a nice managing and the only things you need are a microphone and your voice.

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In case you try to imitate some famous voice, with AV Voice Changer it will be possible thanks to a voice comparer, which will indicate which kind of change you have to do to get the exact tone.

This is the free time program you need to have hours of fun and humor and maybe to get this voice tone you’ve always wanted with your own voice.

by Augusto Baldi

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