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Audiosurf is a free music game that mixes fun and colorful for some fun.

In Audiosurf the player goes through different tracks to different lanes and collecting colored blocks that appear to the beat of the music. The flow of the game is to collect blocks using the mouse, the arrow keys, the keypad or through a controller connected to the computer. The ultimate goal is to get through the game with the highest score possible by blocks collected during the course of the game.

The way to collect more points in Audiosurf is to collect three or more blocks of the same color and avoid those blocks gray or black. All the skill in this game lies in getting bronze, silver or gold in each of the difficulty levels, all to the rhythm of music. For this you must select from one of 14 characters representing the three levels of difficulty: Casual (the easiest level), Pro (normal level) and Elite (harder instance).

You can upload the songs you want to play and so in addition to have fun with this game, you can enjoy your favorite tracks and favorite singers. This free software allows you to play any song you have in MP3, MP4, OGG, CD or WAV files, and you can play in Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Audiosurf saved scores of each of the items on the web so you can compare your skills with other players, with people playing Audiosurf in your country or with your friends on the Steam platform, which distributes video games and multimedia related to this issue.

by Augusto Baldi

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