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Argente Registry Cleaner is a program specialized in the browsed records elimination, garbage files and Windows privacy.

Argente Registry Cleaner tools have several alternatives to keep our computer protected, in which stands out hard disk hibernation (protection of computer`s current operation) that in synthesis will allow us to keep all finished works automatically if ends up some unexpected failure or system restart. This will be very helpful for cases where, for example, there is an unexpected electric cut service without previous warning while we are working on some Word file without saving it.

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Ordinating our computer`s information with Argente Registry Cleaner system`s defrag, will allow us to execute our computer quicker thanks to the space liberation process that it creates.

Argente Registry Cleaner has the possibility of scanning in a quick and effective way all types of files that have been kept in our temporary files by internet browsing, resulting a slow and inefficient browser execution. That`s why this application will erase immediately without leaving any traces, all those "garbage" files that our computer no longer needs to browse efficiently.

by Augusto Baldi

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