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Ant Movie Catalog is a software that will help managing movies library in the best way possible in your home, work or office.

Why using Ant Movie Catalog? The answer is very simple: if you have a great movie collection, it will be necessary to take a registration of each one of these so that you know exactly where they are located and how to find them in a faster way.

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For whom Ant Movie Catalog is recommended? This is another simple answer, since without limiting any kind of user, it could be very useful in movies renting, or at the office or in a house where there is a very big movie collection without being classified, very useful also in some television sectors, where many of the video files are kept in DVD format.

What is it possible to do with Ant Movie Catalog? We could say that, once this application is executed it will be possible to open a Catalog for each one of the movies or video files that are stored. It will be possible to write the movie name, as the name of each one of the actors, directors and producers.

It is also possible to put a small review of the history or of its content; if the movie has its title in English and Spanish (as it usually happens), it is possible to publish the two at the same time. As you see Ant Movie Catalog is a very useful application to organize each one of the movies titles. It is possible exporting each one of HTML file titles so making it is possible to be published in internet, if that’s what you want to do.

by Augusto Baldi

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