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All2WAV is a tool with which you could record every possible sound that is in your computer, more specifically any audio file that is processed and produced into your sound card.

The advantages of being able of recording a song, some videogame audio, and even capturing MSN chats, internet radio stations, microphone capturing, music videos, movies, and much more, makes this application very interesting.

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All2WAV gives you choices to your audio or recording file quality, offers from 8kHz to 48kHz, mono or stereo and 8 bits or 16 bits.

All2WAV will not going to occupy much space will in your PC, and is a very light and useful tool that will allow you to have fun recording the sounds you wish to when you want to.

Its use won’t be complicated, you will only have to press or click the “Record” option and this useful tool will record any sound that is being played by your computer’s sound card.

When you want to finish recording, you will only have to choose the “Stop” option and it will be done. In cases you wish to stop the recording for only a few seconds, you can press “Pause” and then when you wish, you will be able to restart the recording process.

by Augusto Baldi

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