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All2MP3 is a program so you can make or execute a quickly the conversion to MP3 from any audio file that you are changing to on of the mostly known formats. All2MP3 supports popular formats as, MPC, FLAC, APE, AIFF e WAV.

Using All2MP3 is basically a task without any kind of difficulty or problem and it won’t take more than one minute to start running properly, besides, making a mistake in this tool wouldn’t have an excuse since it is very easy to use. Recognizing the file that you wish to convert, pressing above it, dragging it until positioning it over the program’s interface and dropping it would be the most “complicated” steps that are necessary, the rest of the job will be taken care by All2MP3.

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Its configuration is not so big since its function is completely clear and established, but you could adjust the quality level of MP3 files converted or discard completely the original files when you finish its songs conversion.

All2MP3, a great, agile, simple and efficient option to transfer your preferred songs to the world’s most used format, maintaining obviously the quality of files and suppressing the original to maintain an exclusive MP3 library.

by Augusto Baldi

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