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Alchemy Stars will take you on an amazing journey that will give you unforgettable experiences. The game's animations and artistic style are on par with the Japanese anime series. The graphics are amazing, and the story is captivating. You will spend hours trying to figure out how to get to the end.

You must eliminate all enemies within a board of colored cells. By moving through cells of the same color, you will need to eliminate as many enemies as possible in as few moves. You will earn more points if you remove as many enemies in one move as possible.

Both advanced and casual players can enjoy the game mechanics.

The global version of the game was launched recently and has been fully translated into English. This will allow us all to enjoy this fun title at 100%.

It is easy to start playing. It is easy to select the server you wish to play on and create your player name. Enjoy the story and gameplay in this fantastic title.

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    How to PLAY Alchemy Stars on PC

    How to PLAY Alchemy Stars on PC

    Download Alchemy Stars on PC How to run Alchemy Stars on a laptop or desktop, and the way it is possible? That's definitely all the concern requested by lots of...