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Adobe Flash Player is a program that allows web browsers to play multimedia content.

Flash is a technology that can be used to create animated pictures, audio clips, interactive games, advertising banners, etc. This technology was developed by the company Macromedia, which was subsequently acquired by the company Adobe. There are different tools to create Flash elements. These Flash elements can be “embedded” in web pages code to be displayed to the users. However, users need to have Adobe Flash Player installed to be able to view these items. If you do not have installed Adobe Flash Player, a message like this will appear in the browser: "click here to install ActiveX Adobe Flash Player driver".

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Despite the fact that the use of Adobe Flash Player has decreased in recent years due to the standardization of HTML5, there are many sites that continue to use Adobe Flash Player to build their content, a clear example are Flash games portals. So, installing this program is essential to have a complete experience when surfing the Internet, and not to miss any detail of web pages that include Flash elements on their content.

It is advisable to close all browsers before installing this program. Once installed, we will be able to view those sites that make use of Flash technology. It doesn't require any user's configuration, and it's not necessary to launch an executable to make use of the program.

In case we have problems with the installation, it is advisable to uninstall all previous Adobe Flash Player versions and run a system cleaner (CCleaner) to delete all traces of the old versions, and then run program installer. This will avoid potential conflicts with previous program versions.

by Augusto Baldi

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